72 Hour Preparedness



You’ve made a important decision to take action to prepare yourself and your family for the potential emergencies and disasters that may take place in our area.

Our goal is to help you through the process of becoming prepared!


The basic elements of the preparedness process 

There are three basic steps to create a basic emergency preparedness plan. These steps are outlined by FEMA and the American Red Cross and found on FEMA’s website www.ready.gov

They are:

Become informed

Make a plan

Build a kit.

These steps are not necessarily difficult but they do take some planning and follow through. We will help you with your planning so you can get to the action part quickly. The self assessment PDF  below will outline the three basic steps and help you decide your current preparedness status based on guidelines gathered from The American Red Cross and FEMA.

For further information go to www.ready.gov


The schedule for the upcoming preparedness themes is listed below.

Each email will include a webpage providing links to information, short videos and downloadable pages from the Stake Family Emergency Preparedness Workbook. By breaking the basic steps into smaller actionable steps, we hope to help families continue through the information and assignments to complete their plan.

  1. Welcome and Self Assessment
  2. Become Informed – Earthquake
  3. Become Informed – Utility Failure
  4. Become Informed – Home Fires
  5. Become Informed – Wildfire
  6. Make a Plan – Evacuation Plan
  7. Make a Plan – Evacuating Important Documents
  8. Make a Plan – Evacuating Pets
  9. Make a Plan – Communication
  10. Make a Plan – Home Preparation
  11. Build a Kit – Family 72 Hour Kit
  12. Build a Kit – Car Kit
  13. Calendar of Actions
  14. Resources

Please watch the videos below.

How to use the emails you will receive

We suggest that you review the emails and web pages and use family home evening to cover the material presented and complete the various worksheets provided. Other times such as Sunday afternoons would be a good time to work through the plan.

There are a couple of options for reviewing and implementing the information.

Option 1.

Go through all the emails and complete all the assignments related to each theme. If you haven’t developed much of a preparedness plan this would be your best option

Option 2

Click to the links on the right side bar to go to the pages that would be the most help in completing that part of the plan you are most weak in.

Ultimate Goal of the project

Each family should be able to answer “completed” to all aspects of the plan as stated in the self assessment sheet. These are the basic steps outlined by FEMA and The American Red Cross.


1. Download the self assessment PDF.

2. With your family watch the videos, then go through and fill out the self assessment page.

3. Discuss with your family your current preparedness status and the areas you which need to complete over the next months.


Self Assessment PDF Click Here: Family Assessement Sheet


Next Email

Become Informed: Earthquake



As a members of Stake Leadership over Emergency Preparedness we do not claim to be experts or specially trained in the area of Emergency Preparedness. We have attempted to the gather the information most authoritative, but this information it is not intended to be exhaustive. We have provided links and referencing for the information we have gathered in order for each individual to understand more fully the content and actions they should take individually. Each member and family must review the information and make their own decisions regarding preparedness that most accomplishes their personal and family goals. We accept no liability for the content provided, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided . If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.