Ward Emergency Response Training no. 3


Emergency Management Team Training no. 3


Forming Field Teams, Surveying Ward Members, District Maps, Field Forms, Reporting to the Stake


Introduction     1 to 3 mins

Briefly review -The previous meeting addressed:

Assessing an emergency

Activating the Center

The Operations Binder

The Container

 Video Presentation and Training      10 mins

Today we will watch a video that covers what we will do after activating the center.

Show Video

After the video:


Show to the team the following using items from the Binder:

1. The maps the field teams will be using found in the Operations Binder

2. The field forms that teams will fill out. Show each form and indicate its purpose

3. Recommend that each member of the council become ham radio licensed.

4. Recommend to the council that each member have a Go-Bag in preparation to be part of a field team. Hand out Go-Bag instruction cards.


Discussion and Questions     1 to 3 minutes

Assignment    30 seconds


  1. Review information on pages of the plan where this information is covered
  2. Assign Team members to read carefully page 6 and 7 of the Ward Emergency Response Plan