Ward Emergency Response Training No. 2


Emergency Management Team Training no. 2


Assessing an emergency – Contacting Leadership – Activating the Center


Introduction     3 to 5 mins

  1. Remind attendees of the previous meeting where they were introduced to the

Ward Emergency Response plan. That plan covered the elements of the plan (The Team, The Center and The Container). It also covered Operations (What we will do in an emergency).  Find out if they read the plan and if there are any questions at this point. Answer ones you can and advise them that we will be receiving more information in the future.


  1. Advise them that there will be two more trainings. One training today and another in the near future. The next two trainings will cover the operations part of the plan. Today we want to look at the first steps in emergency response operations.These are:
    1. Assessing an emergency
    2. Contacting leadership
    3. Activation the Center


Video Presentation and Training      15 mins


  1. Today we will watch a video that covers these three actions we will take in an emergency. 6 mins
  2. After the video:


  1. Indicate the pages in the emergency response plan where the video information is covered.
  2. Ask for questions regarding the video. Answer what you can,
  3. Indicate to them that you will now train them in the Emergency Management Container and Emergency Response Operations Binder
  4. Show Items in the binder that was shown in the video. Since the video review the items quickly clarify again what each item is for. More information regarding the Ham Radio will be provided in the future. We encourage members to get a radio license in order to operate a ham radio
  5. Show the binder.
    1. Show the cover sheet that directs the person activating the center what to do. Review what those steps are.
    2. Flip through the tabs.
    3. Mention that the ward will be receiving the ward district maps and we will cover it in the next training.
    4. Show the rest of the pages.
    5. Explain carefully where the container will be located and how each member of the Team can gain access.
    6. Explain that the next training will cover how to use the district maps, field forms, form field teams and report to the stake. These items and instruction is located in the Operations Binder.


Assignment    1 minute

  1. Return to the next training
  2. Review information on pages of the plan where this information is covered

Ward Assignment

Procure all required items in order to complete the Emergency Management Container

  1. Lantern with batteries removed
  2. Flashlight with batteries removed
  3. Pens or pencils, tape and notepad
  4. First aid kit
  5. Am/Fm Radio with batteries removed
  6. Zip lock bags with stored batteries
  7. Large map of Ward districts
  8. Operations Binder


  1.  Small whiteboard for visible status reports
  2.  VHF Amateur radio programmed to Stake frequencies. Note: FCC regulations (Part 97, §97.403) allow unlicensed users to transmit using these radios but only if: (1) there is immediate danger of loss of life or property, and (2) there is no other method of communication available. Separate Container: Water and snacks sufficient to support a fully staffed Center for at least 24 hours food and water should be date stamped and periodically refreshed

Store container in a secure location that all members are able to access at any time. If locked, provide combination

Train all Emergency Response Team members in the following using the video provided:

1. Assessing an emergency

2. Contacting leadership

3. Activating the Center

4. The Emergency Management Center

5. The Emergency Management Binder

Make copies of Field Forms for the Emergency Management Binder

    1. Emergency Family Survey – 50 copies
    2. Emergency Operations Center Activity Log – 6 copes
    3. District Survey Summary – 20 copies
    4. Ward Survey Summary – 2 copies

Place completed copy of the Ward Emergency Response Plan in Binder and place in the Container

Report to Chris Gould when assignments are completed