Become Informed – Utility Failure

No Power Words Electrical Cord Outlet Electricity Outage 

Humankind spent a lot of its history without electricity, so you’d think we’d be fine roughing it for a day or two. Unfortunately, the reality is we’re quite dependent on electricity for some very basic needs. Forget the cell phone or the computer — the safety of our food and water depends on a stable energy supply. Knowing how to stay safe during a power outage is essential in our modern world.

What Could Happen

  1. Food spoilage
  2. No light or electric stove
  3. No heating or air conditioning


  1. Read the following article.
  2. Watch the following videos (below).
  3. Download:  Become Informed – Utility Failure
  4. Discuss with your family.  How can you be better prepared?

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