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The Importance of a Communication Plan During a Disaster

During a disaster, after assessing your own condition, communication with family members will be of the highest importance.  During the disaster it will be too late then to plan how you will communicate with each other.  Well before then you will need to have your plan decided and understood by all in the family.

To help you think through issues that may arise for your family during an emergency, we have prepared workbook fillable form pages that will guide you through the process of creating a communication plan.

In addition, you can download in the link below blank emergency cards for each member of the family.  Fill them out and decide how they will be carried by each family member (e.g., pinned to clothing, pockets, wallet).


1. Watch videos

2. Download workbook form Create a Plan – Communication

3. With your family fill out the workbook form and create a plan together for communicating during a disaster

4. Families with children may want to use several of the resources FEMA has created to help children be involved in family preparedness. These can be found at

Emergency Cards


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