Emergency Preparedness Tips of the Month 2017

This year we will be looking at the specific information , supplies, plans, etc. that you will need as a family and individual to prepare for major emergencies and disaster should they occur. Our most basic goal is to be prepared as a family or individual to take care of all our needs for a 72 hour period should our lives be disrupted and basic services not be available.  This website provides comprehensive instruction in preparing for such a disaster. Using the links on the sidebar on each page you can find areas of preparation you may be lacking and use the information to take action in becoming prepared. FEMA suggests that the very basic minimum of preparedness per individual are as listed below:

Emergency Preparedness Supplies – Minimum Per Person

Water – 1 Gallon per person per day

Food – 3 day supply nonperishable food

Radio – Battery power or hand crank, extra batteries

Flashlight – Extra batteries

First Aid Kit

Shelter in Place – Dust mask, plastic sheeting, duct tape

Sanitation – Moist towelettes, garbage bags ties

Wrench – turn of utilities

Cell phone – solar charger, maps of area.


Emergency Preparedness Plan

In addition to supplies each family should develop an evacuation plan and communication plan that would be utilized during a major disaster. Information for creating these plans can be accessed on this website at the following links.